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Servisure Workwear laundry services

The laundry at Servisure has been established since 1932 and processes thousands of workwear items a week for our customers. Each item is checked in, checked for repairs, carefully laundered, packed and re-delivered so that your staff always have clean workwear to hand.

The process
We collect your garments from site and take them to our laundry in Chester. The first time we receive your workwear, we identify it with barcode labelling. Each garment is manually checked for any required repairs before being washed, dried and gently folded.

Green practice
Our process is "green" and dries the garments at low temperatures which ensures colours and specialist materials are not damaged, whilst removing even grease and oil from garments.

Tough on stains
We are able to launder contaminated garments and use a segregation method as necessary together with customer assisted ‘double bagging’ (inner liner being soluble) We have a choice of several chemical decontaminants and detergents. We dry and fold garments but we do not provide a pressing service since this reduces the life of a garment significantly.

Contact us now to discuss a laundry service to suit you.

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