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Mats from Servisure

Logo mats
Impress your visitors the moment they walk in with a logo mat which are:
> Fully washable
> Hard wearing and durable
> Printed in non-fade colours
> Made from nitrile rubber and gripper backed
> The mats do not stain floors
> Resistant to oil and grease
> Resistant to ozone cracking

Dust Control Mats
This generic term usually used to describe an entrance mat with an absorbent carpet pile on a rubber backing. They can also be called dirt trapper mats and are hugely valuable in the workplace where footfall and the need for cleanliness is high.

Dust control mats and dirt trapper mats remove dirt, soil and moisture from foot traffic at the entrance to your premises. It is recommended that the dust control mat or dirt trapper mat be at least 4 metres in length. This allows for each foot to make contact with the dust control mat at least 3 times allowing for optimal efficiency.

Servisure can source and supply logo or dust control mats at competitive prices and as part of your rental contract. Contact us now for further details.



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